• Blue Neon
  • Apple Dragon
  • Black Cobra
  • Black
  • Blond Tuxedo
  • Blond Cobra
  • Dragon Head
  • Flame Micarif
  • Flemingo
  • Golden Yellow
  • Green Cobra
  • Leopard Tail
  • Pink Tuxedo
  • Rainbow
  • Red Cobra
  • Red Neon
  • Red Tuxedo
  • Silver Neon
  • Sunset Micarif
  • Wild Neon Green
  • Wild Neon Red
  • Yellow Cobra
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Golden Valifera Molly
  • Marble Balloon Molly
  • Safron Balloon Molly
  • Silver Lyretail Molly
  • Silver Molly
  • Red Sword Tail
  • Red Wagtail Lyretail Sword Tail
  • Pineapple Sword Tail
  • Red Tuxedo Sword Tail
  • Green Puffre
  • Monodactylus

Welcome to Angel Aquarium (Pvt) Limited

Angel Aquarium (Pvt) Ltd is a dedicated fish breeding and exporting company established as far back as 1985. The company has been exporting fish for the last 18 years, earning a reputation among the international import community as well as the local ornamental fish industry. Angel Aquarium, sprawling amidst palm groves, overlooking the scenic beauty of Bolgoda Lake in Piliyandala in its original setting, is any aquaculturist’s dream.

Our Best Selling Fish

Blue Neon
Black Cobra