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Angel Aquarium Gallery

  • Situated western province 12km from Colombo and is facing the beautiful Bolgoda Lake. The farm is 3 acres in extent with around 700 concrete vats of different sizes for breeding and stocking fresh water ornamental fish.

    The farm which boasts of an experienced staff has all facilities, inclusive of large water stock tanks, a spacious packing centre, sales centre, administrative office with all equipment, three store rooms and staff quarters. This facility has a large number of tanks for stocking and quarantining freshwater fish.

  • This was commenced as a special project and was established in the year 2000. The project is based on 32km from Colombo. It has achieved complete success with a thriving export quality fish harvest and has been a direct exporter. It also supplies high quality fish to other exporters.

    The facility has 250 concrete tanks of five different capacities with individual water inlets and outlets in each tank and equipped with aeration for every tank. The farm has experienced, trained staff. The quality of water in the farm too is extremely good and acceptable for freshwater fish. The fish grown in this farm are large and healthy and are of export quality. The farm has a monthly production capacity of 45,000 fish.

  • This project was developed at the invitation of the Government of Sri Lanka to create employment opportunities and put to good use, free government land. Work commenced in the year 2000 and was completed in 2006. It has received the approval of the relevant government authorities.

    Situated in the Lunugamvehera town itself, it has ample opportunities by way of transport and community involvement. The project has created employment as well as income generation opportunities to the poor community in the area, the total project being manned by local village community. An out-grower system (buy-back system) introduced among the local villages has created self employment for people of the area. They were also trained by the project for rearing fish in tanks. The Women’s Enterprise Development Service Centre has requested assistance to recruit 24 new out-growers.

    The farm possesses facilities such as a Ornamental fish hatchery, Artemia hatchery, Nine mud ponds of half acre each and 500 concrete tanks of varying sizes.This facility offers the ideal conditions for the fish to be brought up in natural conditions as it is situated next to a national wild life park. The water quality is ideal for any type of fish, with no water treatment necessary.

    The farm is to be developed further considering the fact that an international airport is presently being built at Hambantota 5km away from the farm, which will facilitate direct exports from the farm, minimizing local transport. The production capacity of this farm is 150,000 fish per month.